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2018 Rider Sponsorships for XS Motorsports

For 2018 we are opening up the XS Video Channel to dedicated ATV & UTV Racers to Highlight & Feature their Race & Event Videos on XS Motorsports, highlighting them as a Racer, the Events and Race Series, their Sponsors, and their progression throughout the 2018 Race Season. These will be the 2018 "Featured" XS Racers. We will also have our regular 2018 "Sponsored" XS Rider program for 2018 which will Highlight your 2018 Racing action on our Channel to promote your race program and your sponsors.

Featured XS Racers will be responsible for submitting Video & Photo/Media content, highlighting the Sponsors, Race Event, your Helmet-Cam race footage, Introductions and/or Interviews, and any other supporting content. Featured Racers should submit 5 to 10+ Videos for the 2018 Season. Some videos will be stand-alone films featuring the Racer, and some footage will be compiled into the overall Race Event videos. Also Like & Share all Race Footage that you are featured in for the 2018 Season.

Sponsored XS Riders will be responsible for submitting Race Results & Photo/Media content for XS to share on our Social Media platforms. Also Like & Share all Race Footage that you are featured in for the 2018 Season.

XS Social Media Outlets:
YouTube: XS Motorsports
Facebook: XS Motorsports
Instagram: @xs.motorsports, #xsmotorsports

We are looking for ATV & UTV Racers to represent a wide range of Race Series' such as GNCC, IATVHSS, OMA Nationals, IXCR, AXC, Heartland Challenge, and many more!

Please include the following information with your submission:
Rider Name, Location & Contact info
- The Race Series you will participate in for 2018
- Your current race Sponsors
- Your Race History
- Previous Race Video History
- Social Media links (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc)
- Goals for your 2018 Season

Please send your Racer Resume and the info requested above to: Ride@XSMotorsports.com ASAP!
*if you do not have a Resume, you can submit your info in text via email.

Thank you and good luck for the 2018 Race Season!

Current 2018 XS Featured Racers:

- Waylon Estep - Age 9 - IATVHSS Youth ATV Racer - 70cc Production Class
- Maddox Taylor - Age 5 - IATVHSS Youth ATV Racer - 50cc Stock Class
- Merrick Taylor - Age 9 - IATVHSS Youth ATV Racer - 90cc Production Class

- Matt Lindle - GNCC ATV Racer: XC-2 Class (Variom Racing)

- Brock Kyner - IATVHSS ATV Racer: A Class
- Adam Weckel - IATVHSS, IXCR & GNCC ATV Racer: C Class (Variom Racing & 22 Films)
- Kendall Kruse - IATVHSS ATV Racer: C Class
Jake Stratton - IATVHSS ATV Racer: 50+ Class

- Christopher Riggin - GNCC ATV Racer: Utility 4x4 Class
- Devin Bohling
- IATVHSS & OMA ATV Racer: Utility 4x4 B Class
Sean Stratton - IATVHSS & OMA ATV Racer: Utility 4x4 A Class

- Jared Nelson - IATVHSS & GNCC
UTV/SXS Racer: Pro UTV Class
- Chad Bottorff - IATVHSS UTV/SXS Racer: UTV 800cc Class

2017 Featured XS Racer Sean Stratton: 2017 Highlight Reel:

Christoper Riggin Diggin Riggin ATV Racer YouTube